Subject 01: Logge Vasari – Piazza Grande – Saracen’s joust

Saracen’s joust

Supervisor Mr. Welter (L)
Students Irene Dottarelli (I) | Emil Klima (D) | Amine Loualiche (L)
Margherita Raschi (I) | Henriette Redenz (D) | Nina Overmann (L)

Our task was to present the tradition of “Saracen’s joust”, a major historical re-enactment in Tuscany, with its “Sbandieratori” (= flag throwers), the “Piazza Grande” and the “Loggia di Vasari”, a historic monument devised by Italian architect Giorgio Vasari.

In broader terms, we investigated the urbanism and history of these ancient monuments, that are very important to the people of Arezzo.

We wrote out a script, in which we worked over and adapted texts – before our arrival in Arezzo – from which we went on to realise a video in a group of six people, comprising each two Luxembourgish, German and Italian students. The Italians brought the flags from different areas of the town, while Mr. Badiali organised the spectacle of the “Sbandieratori” for us.

All in all, we were five actors, Emil being our camera man.

After finishing the scenes, which proved a bit difficult due to changing weather conditions, we all got together to work on the editing of the video, which constitutes the product of our work done in Arezzo.

Personal reflexions

“Saracen’s joust” was quite impressive as we had never witnessed anything similar in live action. The ancient monuments were in great shape too. It was also interesting to see the daily life of our Italian peers. For us, the Luxembourgish students, it was nice to discover “Saracen’s joust” and the local traditions of Arezzo.

It was also a great experience, as we learned a lot about the technical aspects of filming and editing a movie, all under the cover of the historical facts that hide behind those Tuscan monuments and traditions. We gained new knowledge and had fun doing this job.

Nina and Amine