Subject 11: Goldsmithing – Unoaerre, PMI, Fiera Oroarezzo

Interview with Mr. Andrea Daviddi

Production of gold rings

Supervisors Mrs. Sciarrotta (I) | Mr. Tousch (L)
Students Camilla Cecchi (I) | Franziska Kirchhof (D) | Anna Bauernfeind (D)
Lisa Tognalini (I) | Maren Schechter (D) | Yara Heilbronn (L)


Our group looked at the goldsmithing industry. The gold factory in Arezzo is one of the largest of its kind in Europe. They produce, mainly, jewellery for the brand “UNOAERRE”, but also for large international brands. It is very important to the city of Arezzo, as it is a part of its history.

We had the opportunity to visit this factory and see the chain of production of this precious golden jewellery. We managed to produce a short film on each single step of the production from an unpolished gold bullion to a fine jewel. We also recorder an interview with one of the supervisors of the factory.

Inside the factory itself, there was a small museum of gold and their brand. There, a supervisor gave us some explanations on the evolution of gold, which dates back a long time. We could see the different styles of gold jewellery over the different eras and how trends have changed and still somehow remained the same.

During our week in Arezzo, we also visited the “OroArezzo” gold market where many large jewellery brands present their pieces. At this fair, we recorded some interviews with various representatives of different brands we took many photos and made some short videos.

Back at the school, we turned our material into a movie about the gold factory and its chain of production. This took us a lot of time because we had no experience with video editing, but we managed through “learning by doing”. In the end we had a short movie about our visit, the museum, the various impressions and interviews.

Our Topic was really interesting, and I learned a lot of new things, e.g. how to edit a video and synchronising speech and images.