Subject 09: Urbanism and circulation

Supervisor Mr. Kazda (D)
Students Beatrice Borgogni (I) | Lucie Bouchart (D) | Dalila Halilovic (L)
Eleonora Severi (I) | Luca Jerchow (D) | Anida Muhovic (L)

Circulation in Arezzo

Circulation in each city, or even in each country is different. Comparing Arezzo, Berlin and Dudelange one can trace the differences.
In Arezzo, not everyone has a driver’s licence.

To learn more about circulation in Arezzo, we interviewed a police agent who taught us that:

  • If we see a car parked in a no-parking zone, we must call the police.
  • There are more preferential alternatives to mobility… In Italy, a large majority prefers to move around on a scooter / motorbike (faster). In Berlin, they prefer the commuter train.
  • In Italy, there are many rules for drivers, but the signs are international.

Also, we learned many other things during our week spent in Arezzo. Our group, subject 09 took a walk around a parking accompanied by Mr. Kazda, there the two Italian students from our group, Beatrice et Eleonora, explained how to circulate in Arezzo. We listened carefully and realised that there are differences in how we move around. Admittedly, taking the car each morning to drive to the school, we saw that traffic was seriously perturbed. It was nearly impossible to leave the main road and there were many traffic jams. As a tourist, this is a bit rough getting used to.

We spent our final days at the school working over the pictures Lucie had taken during each important visit, as well as the interview police agent, that we wrote down, reduced and reformulated in our own words without altering its meaning of course. At the same time, we put together a glossary for the terms linked to circulation.

We think that this subject was very interesting, although initially we didn’t think circulation would be of much importance for us young ones, but rather for adults. However, it was a surprise to see that driving can change from one country to another and that each country has its own style of driving.

We realised that we felt a bit insecure crossing the street, because drivers in Luxembourg are more cautious compared to Arezzo.

Dalila et Anida