Subject 08: Public spaces

Supervisor Mrs. Cardot (I)
Students Anna Cottini (I) | Nils Labitzke (D) | Laurids Pillokat (D)
Giulia Pezzi (I) | Pierre Squarra (D) | Chico Gales (L)

Public spaces

The theme was “Arezzo’s public spaces for adolescents of our age”. We decided to focus on parks and the sports centre.

Before going to Arezzo, the Italian students in my group already had ideas on how to realise our project, because they feel like there is a limited varied offer for adolescents in parks and public spaces of the city. They don’t just want parks for strolling or relaxing, but places where one can play music and have fun.

There are many parks in Arezzo, but “Parco Giotto” is the most popular one for youth to hang out at. At this park there are some play areas for kids, a small bar, a large fountain, but also large spaces for running and fitness. Due to the dissatisfaction of the Aretian adolescents, the Italian students came up with the idea to propose the construction of a large multi-use hall of around 500 m2, with multi-game convertible tables, a Karaoke room with a giant screen as well as a music room. One of the biggest problems for the youth is that currently there aren’t any musical events and that there is a general lack of entertainment.

The sports centre of Arezzo is rather large and nearly new. It features an athletic track with 8 lanes, multiple football fields, a small outdoor swimming pool, 4 tennis courts and a rugby field. The town isn’t lacking in sports’ offer for the summer months, but the adolescents would be happy to have a large, covered ice-skating rink in response to their demand for winter sports activities.

Throughout our project, we realised a video in which we interviewed our Italian correspondents at the two above-named locations. Further, we explained what was in the place of the actual “Parco Giotto” beforehand.

We also proposed our ideas for the realisation of the ice-skating rink and the multi-use hall. To illustrate our ideas, the German students made collage-posters with pictures – found on the internet – of the items necessary, e.g. the multi-game table, which they then pasted onto a picture of a large hall – ta-da a multi-use hall. We did the same for the ice-skating rink. In the end, we were all really satisfied with the result.

Additionally, we produced a Prezi to propose changes to the park and the sports centre. We started by taking pictures of both places before returning to the school to pick out the best ones.

I learned that, we as Luxembourgers, can consider ourselves lucky to have so many possibilities to go out and have fun. The Italians only have the choice between the park or the town centre with its bars and shops, … That’s why they are obliged to travel to Florence, for instance, to have fun.

I also learned that Luxembourgers, Germans and Italians have a different lifestyle, but in the end, the type of entertainment sought after by youth is similar.


Supplementary information

The “Prato” is located in between the Cathedral and the Medici fortress, it is one of the oldest city parks and an extreme beauty, due to its panoramic positioning, the trees, the surrounding archaeological grounds and ever-growing. It occupies a large area which separated to mountain peaks some centuries ago: The San Pietro hill and the San Donato hill, still recognisable by the hills leading up to the Cathedral and the Medici fortress.