Subject 07: Modern buildings and cohabitation with ancient architecture

Supervisors Mrs. Sciarrotta (I) | Mr. Shi (F)
Students Amina Baracchi (I) | David Guedelekian (D) | Bruno Carvalho Teixeira (L)
Livia Neri (I) | Leonard Kühn (D) | Alex Bissen (L)

Urbanism in Arezzo and the Courthouse

Our group had the opportunity to interview two Italian architects.

The group was composed of six students and each student had a specific task to accomplish, e.g. one student was designated cameraman and filmed the entire interview, the Italian students translated the questions they asked.

We did the first interview after an introduction on how to use the material and some technical advice on how to hold the camera and the mic. The first architect talked about Arezzo in general and future projects for the city. To illustrate his examples, he presented and explained some maps.

When doing the second interview we asked the same questions to the second architect who did his best to answer very precisely. He told us about the judicial centre, its use and how and when it was built. He showed us a great deal of the building to make us understand and show us that even though the building is not new, it remains useful and is a part of Arezzo’s history. Therefore, it has become a must-see for tourists.

Alex, Bruno