Subject 03: Two greats of Arezzo – Vasari and Petrarch

Vasari and Petrarch

Supervisor Mr. Badiali (I)
Students Viola Bigi (I) | Gina-Maria Ristow (D) | Yana Schintgen (L)
Lara Lippi (I) | Patrick Bertucco (D) | Loïc Juchem (L)

During our trip to Arezzo we discovered Vasari and Petrarch. These two artists are very important for Arezzo as they have contributed to the construction of the city’s history. Petrarch, a poet, was one of the earliest great authors of Italian literature and one of the first to use sonnets as a composing method. Petrarch was mainly famous for his style, lyrical poetry, which he used to express his love for Laura. The residents of Arezzo are rather proud to call a poet this famous one of their own.

An other artist we discovered was Vasari, an Italian painter, architect and writer. He is celebrated for having worked with renowned architects, sculptors and painters such as Michelangelo. After touring through Italy, he returned to live in Arezzo. It is there that he built his own house and realised beautiful sculptures which you can find nearby. Furthermore, he decorated the walls and vaults himself, which must have been a great personal effort. Nowadays, his house is a museum for Arezzo’s tourists as well as its locals.

On the first day of our trip we learned a lot about the works of these two artists, before visiting their respective houses, where we gathered more information about Vasari and Petrarch. After those visits our group still read up on some on their works and read into their biographies which you can see in the videos above. After taking down notes about all that we had seen and learned, we distributed the various roles and started making a short film about both subjects. We filmed in the actual houses of Vasari and Petrarch, which belong to the patrimony of the city of Arezzo, Vasari’s house being one of the most impressive one in the town. It was overwhelming to see the decorations inside Vasari’s house.

Petrarch’s house has been converted into a museum for his antique collection. It is very important to the city of Arezzo to keep the house of the region’s greatest poet intact.

Over the course of our project, we have used these houses to re-create the scenery and atmosphere of the olden days. We even dressed according to Vasari and Petrarch’s time as you can see in one of the movies, where we present the lives of Vasari and Petrarch, also in form of a Prezi short.

Here you have our final product of a week’s worth of work. In our opinion, we could have organised our group better. This could have helped us present a more well-rounded final product. However, we’ve shared some great moments and generally got along rather well in our group. Another positive point to make is that we learned how to use new tools for video-making, instead of using a normal camera, we used a DJI OSMO. We learned how to edit videos and play different roles. We’ve also had the chance to improve our French language skills and overall, we will keep this trip in our memory as a positive experience.

Yana Schintgen and Loïc Juchem

Petrarch (Arezzo, July 20, 1304 – Arquà July 19, 1374), an Italian scholar, poet and humanist. Alongside Dante Alighieri and Boccaccio, he is considered one of the first great authors of Italian literature. More so than Dante with Beatrice, Petrarch has become notorious for the perfection of his poetry which lays out his love for Laura. For many, the combination of his glory, the essence of his fame, the spectre of his influence, stylistically as well as lyrically, all come back to on single volume, his immortal Canzoniere, in which he innovates the ways of the writers of the “dolce stil novo”.