Subject 02: The Pieve Church


The Pieve Church

Supervisors Mr. Bouet (F) | Mrs. Weiland (L)
Students Matilde Fardelli (I) | Christian Schaal (D) | Anne Loran (L)
Giulia Veracini (I) | Carola Taghinazhad (D) | Marie Welter (L)

In the context of our research, we are particularly interested in ancient buildings such as the church Santa Maria della Pieve located in the historical centre of Arezzo.

For the first two days we worked in groups of 6 (2 Italian, 2 German and 2 Luxembourgish students) at the school to prepare and record explanatory texts about the church itself, as well as the market stalls located around the Pieve.

PTo gain a better insight, we went to visit the Santa Maria della Pieve church and took panoramic 360° angled shots with a camera that enables to film inside as well as outside. After visiting the stalls around the square, we also came up with the idea to put one focus on the culinary traditions of the area.

We found that we have learned a great deal about photography, especially with the Ricoh Theta (3D camera) and how to insert them into a Panotour to create a virtual visit.

Anne and Marie

It was the church reserved to nobles. It was the main place of catholic worship of the people of Arezzo. It may have well been the centre of urban happening, the acropolis so to speak.

It´s a three-aisled gothic cathedral with five spans surrounded by section pillars and a vaulted ceiling. This construction of sandstone blocks true to the gothic style – is preceded by a large and magnificent banister on which the statue of Ferdinando I de Medicis seems to be keeping watch – was started in 1278 to be completed only 3 centuries later. The facade however, is the fruit of labour executed at the beginning of the 20th century applying the architectural design of Arezzo’s own Dante Viviani. On the inside one can admire the Mary-Magdalene de Piero della Francesca fresco.