Closing conference in Paris

On 1st December the closing conference of our project was held at ENSAPVS. An exhibition of some of the work done was installed in the school hall for the occasion.

The speakers were :

  • Mr. Philippe Bach, director ENSAPVS
  • Mr. Serge Linckels, SCRIPT, Ministry of National Education of Luxembourg
  • Mrs. Ève Ross, laboratory EVCAU, ENSAPVS
  • Mr. Christian Welter, lycée Nic-Biever Dudelange
  • Mrs. Marylou Machecourt, master student, ENSAPVS
  • Mr. Kim Clement, Université Diderot-Paris 7
  • Mr. Olivier Bouet, laboratory EVCAU, ENSAPVS
  • Mr. Fred Entringer, Kulturfabrik Esch-sur-Alzette